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  1. The horizontal frame is a two-way side-out truss support. When it is time to replace the , loosen the outer bracket fixing bolts. Pulling out the side of the outer bracket to change it is simple and convenient. The reduction of the frame is carried out separately on both sides, and the adjustment is flexible.

  2. The vertical position can be adjusted horizontally or individually in the base. It can also be adjusted vertically for convenience. Rolling bearings are rolling bearings.

  3, the loading rack adopts a rotatable parallel four-link cantilever double reel mechanism, which can be wound during the work of the unit. This reduces setup time and enables the unit to be continuously produced without loopers.

  4. The center line of the main axis of the first two welding grinders and the rolling center line are at an angle of +/- 45 °, which can be adjusted. The weld seam is polished from two directions in a staggered direction, the center of which is the center of the welder. The welding seam is directly ground at a 90-degree angle with the rolling centerline, making the polishing effect better.

  5. The electrical configuration of the stainless steel tube welding unit adopts variable frequency speed regulation.

  6. Using frequency control technology, speed sensitive, smooth, low noise and lower power consumption.

  7. The molding machine and size are driven by a single motor, and the structure is compact. Maintenance is simple. Lift installation is easy to operate.

  8. Use the universal joint coupling to rotate and turn the button 钜 Long life neat, beautiful and lightweight. 9. The horizontal frame is a rotating frame that rotates through the turbine worm box and coupling. There is a 4-speed gearbox (1 reverse gear) between the turbine worm box and the motor, which makes the operation of the unit more convenient and the rolling more stable.

  10. For the oil pump setting of the internal leveling machine, although there is a filter inside, the customer still needs to perform regular cleaning work to ensure that the oil pump will not be blocked. The air passage of the oxygen sensor should also be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive oil. Block to avoid short circuit.