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The bimetal composite pipe is a strong fitting of a seamless steel pipe with an inner layer and a thinner stainless steel pipe, and a carbon steel pipe or a low-alloy steel pipe with an outer layer of galvanized steel pipe, welded pipe, etc. A kind of pipe is also a new and more rational pipeline upgrade product.

  Bimetal composite pipe can realize the complementary advantages of materials, save alloying elements, reduce engineering costs, and improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the pipeline, and prolong the service life of the pipeline, while ensuring the performance of the original base pipe.

  Bimetal composite pipe has high carbon content, impact resistance, low thermal expansion rate, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, mature installation and complete specifications.

  It retains the characteristics and advantages of two different materials. It not only has the excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, but also has high mechanical strength and compressive performance. It has superior comprehensive performance and low construction cost. It is suitable for higher requirements for pipelines. The medium.