Who are we

We are a professional production enterprise established in 2014. We have been deeply committed to stainless steel plate, stainless steel pipe and other stainless steel products for many years. We are committed to creating high-quality and low-cost stainless steel products, focusing on meeting customer needs and making customers all over the world. Our company will continue to adhere to the original intention, continue to move forward, to achieve the goal of becoming a world-class stainless steel enterprise.

Our customers are all over the world.
Export amount
Our annual export volume is more than 300,000tons.
Country and region
We develop customers all over the world on the basis of high-quality products and best services, and our products are widely used in industrial fields in various countries.
Honor and recognition
As a foreign trade company of steel materials, located on the shore of Taihu Lake,Wuxi Kongzo Steel Co.,Ltd always adheres to a professional and responsible attitude in the production process, upholds a careful and patient professional quality when serving customers. We use high-quality products and experienced personnel to meet the needs of our customers to the greatest extent. Strive to innovate, constantly improve technology,strive to achieve low cost, high quality, excellent price, strict requirements of production and sales mode. Together with customers to achieve win-win results, and strive to build the company into a world-class enterprise.
Team spirit
With the development of the times, the competition between enterprises is not limited to the product level, but to the service level. So our company formulated three "first" principles: customer first, service first, quality first. To meet the needs of customers as the starting point, based on customers to obtain sustainable development. By providing professional services, through proactive and enthusiastic attitude, let customers feel our team spirit more comprehensively. Regarding high-quality products as a base, the iron also needs its own hard, the production and sales of high-quality and cheap products can give us the power to bright future! Uphold the above spirit and strive to be the industry benchmark.